More Vacuum Excavators added to fleet
We recently purchased the assets from U-Mole a division of VP PLC, making Pier UK the largest independent operator of Vacuum Excavation systems in Europe. We started with our first Vacuum Excavator in January 2009 and with large investments over the years, became the largest operator in the UK in July 2015.

We have traded with U-Mole for several years as they were the agent for MTS Vacuum Excavators. As their largest customer, we saw this as a great opportunity not to be missed. This recent purchase has increased our investment to £5.6 million pound from March 2014 through to December 2016. Not only does it make us the largest operator, but we also have the best selection of truck sizes to accommodate our customers’ requirements.



As Vacuum Excavation is still relatively new to the market place, we look forward to continuing to provide the  service we pride ourselves on and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Want to see how vacuum excavation could support your project? Contact Sean directly on 07786 9307 22 or by email at


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