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Having seen a rise in demand for safer, vacuum excavation in 2016, hire providers Pier (UK) are introducing new vehicles and operators to their team.

Vacuum excavation hire on the rise

One of the first businesses in the UK to provide vacuum excavation hire, Pier (UK) are now the largest provider in the UK and Europe. As vacuum excavation becomes more recognised within the industry, the demand for hiring the equipment is on the rise, with the company investing in more new machines again in 2017.

To meet the increase in bookings, Managing Director Sean Quinn has also welcomed additional drivers and operators to the team to boost the personnel available to satisfy customer requirements.

Close up vacuum excavation road worksFollowing the successful recruitment drive, Sean Quinn said “It’s great to see more and more businesses recognising the safety benefits vacuum excavation has over traditional methods.

“This rise in demand meant we needed to order more new equipment to ensure equipment is available when our customers need it. More importantly though it meant bringing on board new members of the team to operate the equipment, training them to the high standards our customers expect.”

As well as an extensive in-house training programme, Pier (UK) are incorporating the new CPCS A78 qualification into staff training, through an external training provider. This ensures they not only receive hands-on experience, but skills are industry recognised and standardised across operations.

This increase in fleet numbers has also introduced a need for a full time role managing the vehicles. The newly appointed Transport Manager must rigorously coordinate the current fleet of 30 suction excavators, operator vans and various support vehicles, ensuring all equipment is regularly serviced, and any maintenance jobs are completed promptly so the fleet is always ready to go when needed. By financially investing in a purpose built workshop completed on site in 2016, Pier (UK) can now complete maintenance and servicing quickly, ensuring fast turnaround for fleet availability.

New opportunities to join the safe excavation team

With new vacuum excavators ordered throughout 2017, the company is also actively seeking Business Development Managers to join the business and work across the UK seeking new customers and opportunities to introduce vacuum excavation.

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