Tracked-Vac machine

A recent adventure for our all-terrain Tracked Vac meant a trip to the beach down in Cornwall, however, this was no holiday as a major operation, in conjunction with the Environmental Agency, was required and only the Tracked Vac could handle the site and get the job done.

The project was based on the beach with a freshwater lake to the left, the sea to the right and connecting the lake to the sea, a large pipe which allows the rainwater to be dispersed into the sea to prevent flooding in Helston. The task for our operators was to clear this pipe after it had been blocked with sand and stones, utilising the flexibility and manoeuvrability of the Tracked-Vac allowed the blockage to be cleared safely and effectively. 

This was critical work due to the environmental impact flooding would cause. The job was completed in just 2 weeks, with the shifts programmed around tide times and changing water levels to ensure the job was kept on track.

Due to the location, the Tracked-Vac was positioned on a public beach which posed some potential environmental issues, thinking ahead, the unit was flushed out and had its standard oil replaced with biodegradable in case of a leak. 

The Tracked-Vac is a brand new, unique, Vacuum Excavator, designed by Pier UK for use on rough and challenging terrain. The system’s unique tracked design allows it to access remote cross country areas that would be impossible for wheeled trucks to navigate, which makes it the perfect solution for excavation work on buried services. 

With the same fan design and suction hose diameter as the best-selling Dino 3 System, the Tracked Vac boasts all the quality features of our standard fleet along with bespoke features that make this Excavator a truly innovative addition to the market.

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