Benefits Of Vacuum Excavation

Adaptable accessories

For those areas that are hard to get to due to tight access, the pipe work can be extended from the wagon up to a length of 300 metres depending on the material. For areas with high volume of material and restricted height, work can be assisted using a purpose built mini excavator. This is driven by a hydraulic power pack located outside the work area to prevent any fumes from building up. This type of attachment gives the vacuum system endless uses i.e. excavation work in rear gardens on domestic properties.

Vacuum excavation technology

There are ongoing contracts throughout the UK removing contaminated material in rear gardens and any other area where space is restricted. The pipe can be extended in 250mm diameter. Once it reaches the work area this can then be split down to as many as four single 100mm pipes, depending on the material, to allow separate operations to be carried out at the same time.


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