Safe canal bank Excavation the best solution

We were recently chosen as the best solution to ensure a safe canal bank excavation, at a large hospital build site.
By : pieradmin | Jun 26, 2017

Portable Ground Penetrating Radar

Portable Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology has existed for decades, but it wasn’t until recent years it became used for subsurface functions such as locating. In the past few years, GPR has becomeRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jun 22, 2017

Smart excavation solution for ground mesh

Our vacuum excavator was called in to assist with a different kind of smart excavation job in a car park recently.
By : pieradmin | Jun 14, 2017

Safe excavation approach to underground utilities

Safe excavation techniques are quickly becoming an essential process on construction sites and new builds, so we take a look at the process in more detail.
By : pieradmin | Jun 12, 2017

Vacuum excavator safely exposes unknown high risk cables

Our vacuum excavation equipment proved essential when safe digging techniques unearthed a series of underground cables less than 7 inches from the surface, and not shown on any site plans.
By : pieradmin | Jun 11, 2017

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems

Ground-penetrating radar systems are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to identifying potential safety hazards underground. But what exactly are GPR surveys?
By : pieradmin | Jun 8, 2017

VIDEO: Vacuum supports water works

Vacuum excavator support water works This video short was captured by our operators whilst at work exposing cables on a windy water treatment works. Lines needed to be exposed for maintenance,  soRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jun 6, 2017

FORS renewed across our fleet

We’re delighted to be able to say we have a FORS accredited vacuum excavation hire fleet for another year! Following a thorough audit from FORS of our existing bronze status, we successfullyRead More...
By : pieradmin | May 22, 2017

Suction provides unrestrictive service excavation

When routine road works in London included creating a deep service excavation to reach underground cables, contractors looked for a safe solution to manage the works. Utility lines were identified deep underRead More...
By : pieradmin | May 18, 2017

Open all hours – overnight construction work

For larger infrastructure works, it’s often difficult to access busy sites and roads when maintenance and upgrades are needed. As such, essential repairs and upgrades are often scheduled for overnight construction work, and PierRead More...
By : pieradmin | May 11, 2017

Video: vacuum excavation in action

Our Health & Safety Manager recently spent the week down in South Wales and the West Country, checking in with our customers and operators to see our vacuum excavation in action.
By : pieradmin | Apr 3, 2017

Charity fundraising exceeds our expectations

When we set ourselves the challenge of raising £10,000 for charity 12 months ago, we thought it was a long shot. Back then it seemed like a huge figure, and a mammoth task.
By : pieradmin | Mar 29, 2017
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