Vacuum Excavation Project: Helping To Build New Homes In Cheshire

Our compact Citysucker was required for a Vacuum Excavation project to assist on a new housing development in Cheshire.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Nov 14, 2016

PIER (UK)’s Pink Vacuum Excavator Charity Fundraising Update

Since we launched our exclusive pink Vacuum Excavator in February 2016, our team have been keeping busy on the UK roads to raise as much money as remotely possible.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Oct 31, 2016

Vacuum Excavation Project: Utilities Excavation For Bridge Reinforcement

PIER (UK) were asked to take part in a Vacuum Excavation project when extensive refurbishment works went underway in order to improve rail services, the contractors also took the opportunity to strengthenRead More...
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Oct 18, 2016

PIER (UK) In-House Vac-Ex Maintenance Provides Rapid Expertise

When you are working on-site delivering planned or emergency works to your customers, you need to know that help is at hand around the clock, 24/7.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Sep 19, 2016

Vacuum Excavation Project: Improving Congestion in Lancashire

A Vacuum Excavation project consisted of a busy junction in Lancashire causing daily commuter congestion, plans were drawn up to widen the road in order to ease the congestion.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Sep 14, 2016

PIER (UK)’s Guide To No-Dig Live 2016

What is the No-Dig Live event? No-Dig Live brings together over 100 companies from both the United Kingdom and overseas to discuss all trenchless aspects.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Aug 17, 2016

Vacuum Excavation Project: Restricted Access

Our team were called on-site take part in a Vacuum Excavation project in which one of our vehicles would be situated in a location that was too restricted and narrow. So howRead More...
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Jul 29, 2016

PIER (UK) Are Serious About Vac-Ex Suction

PIER (UK) are serious about Vac-Ex Suction as Vacuum Excavators are increasingly being used for excavating around buried services, but safe use is essential says CPA’s Peter Brown.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Jul 15, 2016

Vacuum Excavation Video: A Built-In Skip Unloading

Our Vacuum Excavation vehicles are magnificent pieces of equipment. Not only do they carefully excavate the ground to expose underground services, tree roots or to assist with clearance works, but they alsoRead More...
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Jul 14, 2016

Vacuum Excavation Is Used To Expose Underground Services

Vacuum Excavation is frequently used to expose underground services. PIER (UK) have a video in which you will see one of the Vacuum Excavators in action.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Jun 22, 2016

Vacuum Excavation Project: High Voltage Cables in London

The PIER (UK) team recently took on a Vacuum Excavation project which required working with high voltage cables. Vacuum Excavation provides a safe and smart way to excavate around live services as electricity.
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Jun 20, 2016

A Rise In Demand For The Citysucker Vacuum Excavator

PIER (UK) has seen a huge increase in demand for the compact Citysucker Vacuum Excavator when it comes to managing road works in busy city centre locations. The work needs to beRead More...
By : PIER (UK) Marketing | Jun 17, 2016
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