Ground Penetrating Radar Wall

For work potentially involving excavation around live underground services, a ground penetrating radar survey using (GPR) technology is ideal for identifying what’s underground prior to excavation. Using a two tool approach, assessing the land with a cable location tool followed by a full GPR survey, detailed information can be gathered about pipes and services underground.

What does a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey entail?

  1. With the use of the cable locating tools (RD8000) and generator, the area is scanned to single out the obvious services first which would normally be the metallic material.
  2. The area is then then scanned with the GPR unit (RDS Detector Duo) to accurately locate the first findings and look for the non-metallic material i.e. gas, water, ducting and drainage pipes etc.
  3. All of the identified services are marked on the ground with marker paint or flags to show their line and depth.
  4. On completion of the GPR survey the information is recorded by a GPS survey and can be presented to our clients via a CAD drawing. (Pier UK can also provide a full Topographical survey if required.)

Other uses for this equipment are for locating:

Underground tanks, manholes, pits, voids, steel reinforcement in concrete and many more.

Pier (UK) Ltd can supply GPR equipment and the RD 8000 & generator on a self-operated hire with durations to suit your requirements. Training can also be provided.

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