Built up Area

A Pier UK Vacuum Excavator was used by a well-known water company last week in order to check for hidden services in a built-up area.

The job took place in Tamworth where the customer was working on the installation of a Weir pipe in order to prevent further flooding to the area. A Vac Ex was used to create a test hole to establish whether there were any concealed services that could prevent work from taking place.

Vacuum Excavation offered the best solution for this application because the work was taking place in a busy, congested area, therefore carrying a much greater risk of encountering buried services.

Any services that were uncovered needed to be excavated around with care and precision in order to minimise the risk of personal injury or costly service strikes. Work also needed to be completed quickly and efficiently, so as not to disrupt traffic in the local area for longer than necessary.

Vacuum Excavators, due to their high-powered remote-controlled arm, are able to expertly and precisely lift the ground away from buried services without causing any damage and with a much lower risk of worker accidents. The spoil is stored safely in an inbuilt skip within the truck, ready to be deposited later, ensuring that the area around the site remains clean and tidy while minimising mess related complaints from residents.

Most Vac Ex’s are able to excavate up to 2m³ of spoil per hour and can hold up to 10m³, meaning excavation work can be completed by a vac ex with just one operator in a fraction of the time it would take several men and a digger. This makes Vacuum Excavation not only the safest but also one of the quickest, most cost-efficient excavation methods available.

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Pier UK has the largest fleet of vacuum excavators in Europe. Founded in 2001, we purchased our first vac-ex in 2012 and have been educating the marketplace on the benefits of safe ‘no-dig’ excavation ever since. We now offer support to hundreds of clients across the Construction, Utilities, Highways and Health and Safety sectors.

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