Pier UK’s Tracked Vacuum Excavator provided the best solution for work on this industrial site in Stoke-on-Trent.

Unstable ground conditions, worsened by poor weather, meant that traditional vacuum excavators were unsuitable for this job, due to the risk of the vehicle sinking.

The Tracked Vac’s unique tracked wheels allow it to operate effectively on almost any terrain, meaning it was able to excavate the ground, ready for the installation of HV cable connections, at this new distribution centre with ease.

Vacuum Excavation was chosen for this particular job due to the high-risk nature of the application. Areas around industrial estates are often congested with hidden cables which, if struck, can cause serious injury to workers along with costly service strikes or power outages. 

The vac ex’s remote control arm is able to lift the ground around buried services without the need for manual digging, therefore carrying a much lower risk of service strikes and as the machine only requires one person to operate it, risk of worker injury is also greatly reduced.

Find out more about the UK’s first Tracked Vacuum Excavator here

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