Charity donations

When we set ourselves the challenge of raising £10,000 for charity 12 months ago, we thought it was a long shot. Back then it seemed like a huge figure, and a mammoth task.

As we count up the final donation sum, calculating the number of shifts our pink charity vacuum excavator worked each month, we’re amazed and proud to have come so very close to reaching that goal.

How it all began

It all started when we decided we wanted to help support the many charities and support groups across the UK embracing the fight to beat cancer. Our latest new vacuum excavator was rolling off the production line in Germany, so we decided to paint it a little differently – and dress it head to toe in pink! We’d then donate money for each shift the suction excavator worked – helping to add steady contributions towards our gigantic target.

Our pink charity vacuum excavator in action

Putting it to work

And so we put it to work – with some odd looks as we drove up and down the UK, from Scotland to Somerset in a our giant pink machine. Vacuum excavation is still fairly new to the UK civil engineering industry, so it’s not unusual for our giant ‘transformer’ style machines to draw a bit of a crowd when they begin work on site. So you can imagine how much attention we received when we turned up with a giant new pink shiny machine to excavate using suction power. It’s fair to say it has been a big hit though on every site we’ve been on – and when we’ve explained the reason it’s pink we’ve been met with such tremendous support.

Thank you to all our customers

One thing is for sure, we couldn’t have raised an amazing £9,650 without the help and support of our customers. By requesting our pink truck, they’ve helped us raise a fantastic amount of money which we know will be put to good use by cancer charities across the UK.