Citysucker compact vacuum excavator

Compact Vacuum Excavation

Pier (UK) Ltd is proud to offer the smaller, compact City Sucker Vacuum Excavator, a smaller suction excavation design. The machine provides a much more compact profile when mounted to a MAN 12 tonne twin axle chassis (or other suitable alternative), making it ideal for navigating around sites with restricted access.

The units have twin circuit hydraulic systems that operate the boom and a compressor that utilizes hydraulic oil HLP 46. The belt driven, oil cooled compressed air system uses a rotary compressor for up to 7 bar air pressure with 4 m³/min air flow. There are 2 oiled and non-oiled air tool connections at the rear of the vehicle.

Ideal for city work in built up areas, the smaller frame makes it easier to use in hard to reach and limited access areas.

City sucker dimensions