Gas leak excavation

Our vacuum excavator proved essential for safety on a recent job supporting the local gas network provider.

The gas supplier knew they had a leak, but needed to get down to the gas main to locate and repair it. With several high voltage electric cables and telecommunication lines near the gas main, a safe excavation solution was required.

Suction excavation for safety

The vacuum excavator’s remote controlled suction arm allowed ground to be cleared to expose the gas main without risking striking services. Using vacuum excavation eliminated the need for manual or mechanical digging, reducing the likelihood of buried services being damaged or struck.

Quick location and repair

The fast vacuum excavation allowed ground to be cleared quickly, so the gas main could be repaired and put back into action without causing too much inconvenience to local residents.

A great example of safe excavation

This project was snapped by our operator Mark, and is a great demonstration of how vacuum excavation can be used to ensure on-site safety around buried utilities. Such a great snap in fact, that it was crowned February’s photo of the month – a colleague competition we run each month.

Photo of the month using vacuum excavation to find a gas leak

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