We’ve had a very unexpected visitor to PIER (UK) today. One of our vacuum excavators has been undergoing planned maintenance, but it turns out that our excavators make the perfect hiding place for a tired Barn Owl far from home and looking for a place to rest and shelter from the sunshine!

With its heart-shaped face, buff back and wings and pure white underparts, the barn owl is a much-loved countryside bird. Measuring up to 39cm tall and weighing as much as 350g, the barn owl is a nocturnal bird, so it’s likely Hedwig, as she has been christened after the owl in Harry Potter, was taking a rest after a busy night of hunting mice, voles, shrews and other small mammals and birds!

We discovered Hedwig resting in shade of the hose fitting of the excavator. We immediately contacted the relevant authorities and with their guidance, we have been able to safely rescue ‘Hedwig’ from the excavator.

Upon removal, we found that she was tagged with her owner’s contact details. We’re now wondering which one of us is off to Hogwarts as ‘Hedwig’s’ owner lives over 30 miles away (as the crow owl flies) in Blackpool!

Anyway, one phone call later and we have a relieved owner who will be reunited with their owl later on today.