A rare find of more than 300 1st Century BC Iron Age Coins has been discovered by Costain archaeologists working in West London.

The “potins”, as the coins are known, were discovered as the site was being excavated by archaeologists. Already dubbed the “Hillingdon Hoard,” the coins date back to when the Romans began to establish themselves in Britain.

The Iron Age Coin find has yet to be confirmed as ‘treasure’ under the Treasure Act, a decision that rests with the Coroner. HS2 has made no claim to the potins, so if a museum wishes to acquire the coins, the Coroner will make recommendations and place a potential value on them.

Searching for our own Treasure

News of the find has spread like wildfire at PIER (UK) and we are frantically checking all of our vacuum excavators for any treasure that we may have vacuumed up! However, it is going to take us a while as we have been operating the UK’s largest fleet of Vacuum Excavators since 2015 and Europe’s largest fleet since 2016.

December 2020 marked the 12th anniversary of the purchase of our very first Vacuum Excavation truck and we haven’t looked back and now, we have more than 50 trucks within our ever-expanding fleet.

However, that’s not our only problem in our treasure hunt. With our Vacuum Excavators ranging from our 12 and 16 tonne City Suckers to our 20 tonne Tracked-Vac and all the way up to our 32 tonne Vacuum Excavators with 12m3 capacity, it will take a lot of searching to try and discover any long-lost treasure.

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