Looking for Vacuum Excavation hire in Liverpool?

Headquartered right here in Merseyside, if you’re looking for vacuum excavation hire in Liverpool, look no further. And with the largest hire fleet in the UK, you can rely on Pier (UK) to provide fast hire and delivery to your Liverpool site to manage tight timescales. Whether you’re looking for an operated hire or self-drive, we’re at hand to support your safe excavation needs.vacuum excavation hire in Liverpool

Not sure you’ll need vacuum excavation?

If you’re not sure what utility lines run under your site, our operations team can provide a GPR survey to give you a complete picture of what lies in the ground underneath. All buried assets can then be clearly marked and our vacuum excavator operator can safely excavate around these lines to avoid any risk of personal injury or service strikes.

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Flexible hire terms

Whether you need a suction excavator for a single day, or a longer term project – we can provide full training for you to operate the machine, or arrange a flexible and competitive price for repeat hire.

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