Do You Need Vacuum Excavation Hire In Peterborough?

Vacuum excavation hire in Peterborough

Here at Pier (UK) we supply vacuum excavation hire in Peterborough and across the surrounding Lincolnshire area.

We have established along list on clients throughout the UK over the years because of our excellent service and our constant updating of equipment. This means that we now have the largest vacuum excavation fleet in the UK (and Europe!) so can provide great availability and competitive prices.

We will work with you to create a hire plan that suits your project needs. From a single day rate, to longer monthly or even annual hire. Then you can make the most of your vacuum excavation hire so it will help you in the projects you are working on to its fullest effect.

Why vacuum excavation?

Exposing underground cables using suction power, is much safer than using mechanical excavators or digging by hand. Often large plant equipment can strike lines causes power outages and personal injury. The remote controlled vacuum excavator uses strong suction power, so equipment does not need to come into contact with the live cables.

If you are interested in using Pier UK for your project in Peterborough than contact Pier UK and we will discuss your project and your hiring needs.

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