Charity donations

When the PIER (UK) set the challenge of raising £10,000 for a charity in 2016, we weren’t sure if the target was reachable but as we have added the final donation sum to the number of shifts that our pink Vacuum Excavator has worked, we are truly proud to say that we have come extremely close to reaching our goal.

Our fundraising began in 2016 when we decided that we wanted to support as many UK Cancer Charities as possible. With a new Vacuum Excavator in the pipeline, we decided to paint it a little differently and so, it transformed in a pink Vacuum Excavator. We then decided to donate the money for each shift that the truck worked, helping to add steady contributions towards our target.

With the odd look or two from the public, our pink Vacuum Excavator travelled up and down the country. Vacuum Excavation is fairly new to the UK Civil Engineering industry and so, it isn’t unusual for our ‘transformer’ style systems to draw attention when travelling and working on-site.

The pink Vacuum Excavator has been a real hit on every single site we have been on and when our team have explained why it is pink, we have been met with a tremendous amount of support.

In total, we raised an incredible £9,650 and we simply could not have raised that much without the support our customers. Thank you very much.