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Thanks to Elon Musk’s automated electric truck and other advances in the industry, it could be argued that there is a large question mark hanging over the future of trucking. As technological advances change the way we work, industry leaders are constantly faced with new challenges and an ever-changing landscape across all operations.

However, one aspect remains the same and therefore cannot be replaced by a computer. People mean passion, passion and curiosity is what drives progress within an industry. Least forgetting failure! Machines and automation are great and unknowingly help us improve our daily lives. However, they cannot fail which means they cannot learn and therefore grow (Unless you factor in All but we won’t go there….).

Mark Wilson and his Grandson (7 years old), Buddy (pictured above) visited us on Saturday to have a new Hose fitted to their machine. Whilst this was being done, Buddy took his Grandad for a tour of our yard as he was interested in our many various trucks! From Pier’s perspective, It’s great to see the younger generation taking an interest in these fantastic machines as Buddy may become an industry leader one day (I’m sure his Grandad will agree!). Possibly, inspired at an early age, he may choose a career in trucking/vacuum excavation and Pier UK will be here should he do so!

At Pier UK, we believe the future is important and this includes our employees, families, opportunities, sustainability and environmental impact as they all play a key part. So we will say this, we look forward to seeing fully electric trucking in the future but we will always look to ensure our people are sat behind the wheel and youngsters like Buddy will always have opportunities!

We see a future trucker in you, Buddy! Come back to us when you’re a little older 🙂

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