MTS Tracked Vac

Over the past 12 years, Pier UK has focused on the many different applications for vacuum excavation and as a result, have seen significant expansion to their fleet. Today from their hire stock of 50+ truck-mounted units, they can provide a choice of systems from 26-32t standard trucks, 12-16t CitySuckers and their unique 20t off-road “Tracked Vac” unit. Pier UK pride themselves on first of all listening to their client’s needs and requirements, before providing them with a reliable and trusted solution. With additional growth planned across all sectors of their product range, Pier UK hope to maintain their place at the very top of vacuum excavation hire for the foreseeable future.

The MTS manufactured Tracked Dino system (Tracked Vac) was designed and built by their longstanding partners at MTS Germany, with the off-road access being at the forefront of their requirements, without losing any of the 44,000m3/h suction power.

The Tracked Vac possesses all of the same features as the 26t system, with the 3-speed fans, various sized suction nozzles and tooling to accommodate narrow excavations and openings, to the same self-cleaning filter system that reduces small particles being discharged into the atmosphere.

When operating the Tracked Vac, there is no requirement to create a haul road for access to the proposed excavation or even the need to install the use of bog mats. Due to its 600mm wide steel tracks and its all-terrain ability, the hydro-statically driven unit can negotiate some of the toughest terrains. Thus significantly reducing both time and money on endless projects nationwide, for their ever-increasing customer base.

Pier UK continue to provide solutions to your problems.