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Safer Suction excavation for substation

When ground needed excavating in a substation on a water treatment works recently, contractors chose suction excavation as the safest excavation method.
By : pieradmin | Jan 20, 2017

Project: Exposing Ductworks, Liverpool

Pier (UK) worked with city contractors to expose gas, electrics, water and telecommunication cables, under a pavement in Liverpool. The pavement needed to be dug up for new telephone cables to be installed, but with aRead More...
By : pieradmin | Nov 21, 2016

Helping build new homes in Cheshire

Our newest compact Citysucker was taken out recently to assist on a new housing development in Cheshire. Whilst builders were busy laying bricks and building homes, our assistance was called in to expose existing utilitiesRead More...
By : pieradmin | Nov 14, 2016

Utilities excavation for bridge reinforcement

When extensive refurbishment works were underway recently to improve rail services, contractors also took the opportunity to strengthen an existing bridge.
By : pieradmin | Oct 18, 2016

Helping improve congestion in Lancashire

With a busy road junction in Lancashire causing commuter chaos, plans were drawn up to widen the road to help ease congestion.
By : pieradmin | Sep 14, 2016

Project: Restricted access vacuum excavation

Sometimes we’re called on to vacuum excavate in a location too restricted and narrow for the suction excavation unit to get too – adding extension pipe to our vacuum excavators though enablesRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jul 29, 2016

VIDEO: Built-in skip unloading

Our vacuum excavators are clever bits of kit. Not only do they carefully excavate ground to expose underground services, tree roots or assist with clearance works – they also double up asRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jul 14, 2016

Project: High Voltage Cables in London

When road maintenance involves working with high voltage cables, vacuum excavation provides a safe, smart way to excavate around live electricity. Whilst working in London in our suction excavation expertise was called on toRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jun 20, 2016

Project: Cable relocation in Somerset

When better access was vitally needed around a busy hospital in Somerset, plans were drawn up to improve surrounding roads and ease congestion. Surveys and technical plans for footpath identified a number ofRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jun 9, 2016

Video: Blackburn Underground Services

Our vacuum excavation work to unearth underground cables in Blackburn recently was captured on camera. You’ll see for yourself in this video how quick and efficient opting for suction excavation is.
By : pieradmin | May 25, 2016
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