City centre vacuum excavation

When it comes to managing road works in busy city centre locations, work needs to be completed as safely and quickly as possible – whilst limiting disruption to local residents.

As a result, Pier UK has seen a huge increase in demand for our compact vacuum excavators. The smaller Citysucker trucks are ideal for working in built-up areas as they’re over 4 metres shorter than the standard 26 and 32-tonne models. With a more streamlined width and design as well, they significantly reduce the amount of space needed to work on-site.

This rise in demand could only mean one thing, it was time to add a new Citysucker to our fleet – to ensure we maintain nationwide availability of this compact option for our customers in their hour of need.

In fact we took delivery of a rather special machine, the first of its kind in Europe to be fitted with a full power boom – making sure it still packs the same punch, regardless of its size.

vacuum excavation, compact citysucker


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