Vacuum excavator safely exposes unknown high risk cables

Our vacuum excavation equipment proved essential when safe digging techniques unearthed a series of underground cables less than 7 inches from the surface, and not shown on any site plans.
vacuum excavation exposed cables not identified on site plans

Hazard Prevention

Operators were working on a retail park expansion with contractors to create new traffic junctions on a busy road and facilitate access to the new development.

Contractors recognised that they’d need to excavate existing pavements and roads to add in new lanes and traffic light systems, so commissioned a no-dig policy across the site. Pier (UK) were called in to support excavation using vacuum technology – providing suction power to safely expose underground cables and unearth buried utilities.

Managing risk

This safety first approach ensured that when the vacuum excavation team discovered cables just under the service that weren’t identified on site plans, these were excavated without any risk of personal injury or asset damage.

The suction excavator’s strong power also ensured that a large high voltage cable running across the work site was safely excavated in less than one hour, allows contractors to make the line safe.


Did you know there are 3 key considerations for safe excavation?

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