Smart excavation solution for ground mesh

Our vacuum excavator was called in to assist with a different kind of smart excavation job in a car park recently.

The ground mesh contained compacted soil and weeds, and contractors wanted to remove it all to put down new stones.

That’s easier said than done though, given how small the holes were in the mesh. They struck on the idea of a vacuum excavator – could this piece of kit successfully excavate all the debris?

After running a trial on site to gauge whether the machine’s strong suction power could excavate without pulling up the mesh along with the soil, the team struck lucky. In just two days the vacuum excavator completed the car park area, work which the contractor had estimated to take one week. From there stone could be used to refill and reinforce the car park’s ground.

Before excavtion

Before excavating

During excavation

During excavation

Vacuum Excavator

Vacuum excavator



See the smart excavation in action