Vacuum excavator used for restricted service excavation

When routine road works in London included creating a deep service excavation to reach underground cables, contractors looked for a safe solution to manage the works.

Utility lines were identified deep under the road service, so contractors called on our expertise to vacuum excavate the ground to avoid striking services.

To achieve excavation at deep depths, the suction excavator’s arm was used with extension pipework, increasing the reach of the boom and allowing it to move further down into the excavation pit. This ensured the majority of the work could be completed from the safety of above ground, using the remote control to direct the boom and pull away ground using the machine’s suction power.

Using vacuum excavator for service excavationStrengthening the service excavation trench

Whilst the ground was carefully excavated, contractors installed shuttering in the trench to secure the area. Pier (UK)’s operators could then safely access the excavation to use the on-board air lance to work with precision to blast off the final spoil remains from the buried assets using compressed air.

Vacuum excavation is an ideal solution when working in restricted areas, as the machine rapidly pulls away ground reducing the amount of dust created during excavation. Spoil is sucked straight into the machine’s built-in skip, where it is collected up and tipped in bulk at the end of the excavation for re-use or recycling.


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