Looking to hire a vacuum excavator in Edinburgh?

[two_third] Our nationwide vacuum excavation fleet means hiring a safe excavation technique for your project in Edinburgh is easy.

Does your construction site have underground cables?

When you know live services run underneath your feet, vacuum excavation will safely expose them to reduce the risk of service strikes or personal injury to on-site colleagues.

The fast approach, ensures it won’t slow your site down or risk overrun on project deadlines or budgets either.

This equipment can complement your existing plant equipment to help provide smarter utility maintenance works.

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Citysucker in operations


Various sizes and hire options

With hire equipment available in a variety of sizes, including a smaller compact Citysucker for hard to reach or city centre locations, we can provide the right machine to meet your requirements.

Whether you need the equipment for a single day on site, or self-drive for a few weeks – we can provide flexible hire terms to support your various projects.


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