Vacuum Excavation (or Suction Excavation as it is sometimes known) provides a safer, low risk Safe Excavation alternative to traditional excavation techniques. Our high suction powered trucks expertly lift away ground, with little risk of damage or personal injury.

It is the smartest, safest, fastest and most economical method of excavation.

Excavating Around Live Services

Ideal for undertaking roadworks and utility line installation, the Suction Excavation method can be used to repair or replace buried assets. Whether you need to excavate 1 metre of cable or the entire road, a Suction Excavator can assist your team on-site more safely than manual hand digging.

This advanced technology provides precision excavation with complete control thanks to the remote-controlled excavation arm. Once all the underground utility lines have been located and clearly marked, the Suction Excavator makes light work of removing ground material for quick maintenance and repair. The no-dig suction reduces noise and disruption to local residents and also limits vibrations that could possibly lead to damages on or around the site.

The precision, no-dig approach eliminates almost all risk regarding strikes to the service lines. There are up to 60,000 services every year (Clyde & Co) with an average costing of £7,000 per strike (USAG). Vacuum Excavation is not only the safest method, but also the smartest and most economically friendly.

Nationwide Vacuum Excavation Hire

As the market leader, we can offer the largest Vacuum Excavator fleet in the UK with full nationwide coverage 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our vehicles are available for either operated or self-drive hire for a single day excavation to longer hire terms with full training for your workforce to self-operate. Our operators hold CSCS and EUSR Certifications as well as a range of accreditations to safely work on your site.