Require Vacuum Excavation hire in London?

vacuum excavation hire in London

We have a range of vacuum excavators for hire in and around London. With the largest hire fleet in the UK, Pier (UK) can provide flexible hire options to suit your project needs. Vacuum excavation can support your project for a safer excavation approach to exposing underground cables.

When you choose to hire a vacuum excavator from Pier (UK) you can guarantee that you are getting the best possible service as we are committed to constantly updating our equipment, and continuously training our operatives with the latest certifications. We offer flexible contract hire for our vacuum excavators, from a day to day contract, one month contract, or longer annual hire.

We also provide you with an on-call maintenance technician team who are on standby 24/7 to help you if you ever run any complications during your hire experience. All of this ensures that the customer gets the best possible service, so if you need vacuum excavation hire in London then be sure to call Pier (UK).

Need a compact solution for busy city centre locations?

Our smaller Citysucker vacuum excavator is ideal for working in built-up or restricted areas. Designed to fit a smaller 6.3 metre length vehicle, but with the same strong suction power to excavate underground utilities safely and quickly.


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