In Need Of Vacuum Excavation Hire In Nottingham?

vacuum excavation hire in Nottingham

Our UK wide hire fleet is available for vacuum excavation hire in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. With a range of equipment sizes and hire terms, we can provide a competitive solution for safer excavation.

Nationwide availability, local business focus

In the past few years Pier (UK) has reached out to a wide variety of customers throughout the UK who need vacuum excavation and that has meant that we are able to offer vacuum excavation hiring services to customers who are based in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

We are able to offer our customers a dedicated sales contact for their area, and the support of our Health & Safety Manager to work with their business and help support safer excavation. Using vacuum excavation to expose underground services provides a safer, reduced risk approach – eliminating the need for hand digging. Hand digging is often time consuming and risks services being struck and personal injury. Suction power can provide a faster and safer excavation method, with the remote controlled excavation arm providing precision without the risk of damaging cables.

With Pier (UK) operating on a national scale we can supply all of our equipment, whether that be operated or self-drive with maintenance teams on hand 24/7. For self-drive hire, we can provide extensive training to safely operate our vacuum excavators.

Our operators are fully CSCS accredited, and teams can be provided with EUSR, Street Works and various other safety and site certifications.

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