Looking For Vacuum Excavation Hire In Stoke?

vacuum excavation hire in Stoke

Vacuum excavation hire in Stoke and the surrounding Staffordshire area has never been easier thanks to Pier (UK)’s nationwide hire service. With various vacuum excavator sizes to fit your needs and flexible hire terms, safe excavation is simple.

As the UK’s leading vacuum excavation company we’ve developed a great deal of knowledge in suction excavation. You’ll benefit from this expertise whether you hire our equipment operated or self-drive.

Operated or self-drive hire

Opt for a fully operated vacuum excavation hire and we’ll provide highly trained operatives who will work with you to manage your excavations. Our operations team hold CSCS certifications, and we can provide colleagues with EUSR, confined spaces and many other major accreditations.

If you’re looking for self-drive plant hire then we can provide full training so you and your team understand how to safely use the equipment, and how to get the best result for each ground surface.

All of our vacuum excavation hires comes with the support of our on-call maintenance technician team – who are available to support you 24/7 should you come into any complications. It is this service that makes Pier (UK) the number one vacuum excavation hire service not only in Stoke but across the UK.

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