Canal bank excavation

PIER (UK) were chosen as the best company to ensure that a safe canal bank excavation on a large hospital building site went ahead. With excavation taking place closely to the canal bank, the pit continuously filled with water which made exposing the underground high voltage cables extremely high risk.

Knowing the potential danger that the excavation may entail, the contractors called PIER (UK) to provide Vacuum Excavation support. Working with a water pump, the machine’s high suction power was able to carefully pull away the ground around the live mains without any cable strikes to damage occurring to the electric lines.

The Vacuum Excavator’s remote-control boom was ideal in ensuring that the work could be completed from a safe distance. By carefully positioning the excavator arm in the trench, the ground could be excavated without the need for any manual tools or mechanical excavators.

safe canal bank excavation using suction excavator