Smart excavation solution for ground mesh

One of our Vacuum Excavation vehicles was called out to assist with a unique job taking place in a car park. The ground mesh contained compact soil and weeds which needed to be removed in order for new stones to be put down.

With a decision lying in the contractor’s hands, the idea of hiring a Vacuum Excavator was decided upon but could our Vac-Ex excavate all the debris?

After running a trial on-site to decide whether the Vacuum Excavator’s strong suction power could excavate without pulling up the mesh along with the soil, the team struck gold (not literally!). In just 2 days, the Vacuum Excavator completed the entire car park area which would have taken the contractors an entire week to do. From then, the stone could be used to refill and reinforce the car park’s ground.

Before excavtion

During excavation

Vacuum Excavator


See the smart excavation in action