High Voltage Cables in London

Road maintenance sometimes involves working with high voltage cables and so, Vacuum Excavation provides a safe and smart way to excavate around live services as electricity.

Our Vacuum Excavation expertise was called out to a project located in London to clear the ground in order to expose high voltage cables for essential maintenance work. The use of a Vacuum Excavator is a great alternative to mechanical diggers as the softer suction power provides precise mining.

An added benefit of the Vacuum Excavator is in the built-in skip and is capable of holding up to 8m3 excavated material. More times than not, this means that exposing the cable can be completed in one go without the need to stop to empty during the procedure. The excavated material is then stock piled on-site for reuse after the maintenance is complete.

The below images show precision excavating using the vacuum boom and the excavated material being unloaded on-site.

Vacuum Excavation in action in LondonVacuum Excavation unloading on site