Our Vacuum Excavation equipment proved to be vital when safe digging techniques unearthed a series of underground cables, less than 7 inches from the surface and weren’t shown on any site plans.

The operators were working on a retail part expansion with contractors to create new traffic junctions on a busy road and to facilitate access to the new development. The contractors recognised that they would need to excavate the existing pavements and road in preparation to add in new lanes and the traffic light systems and so, they commissioned a no-dig policy across the site.

PIER (UK) were asked to support the excavation by using one of our many Vacuum Excavator vehicles to provide suction power in order to safely expose the underground cables and to unearth the buried utilities.

The safety-first approach ensured that when the PIER (UK) team discovered the cables were just under the surface and unmarked on the site plans, these cables were successfully excavated without causing any risk of personal injury or asset damage. The excavator’s strong power ensured that a large high voltage cable running across the entire work site was safely excavated in less than 1 hour which allowed the contractors to complete a safe line.