Frequently Asked Questions

PIER (UK) are fully aware that their customers may have some questions regarding Vacuum Excavation, our vehicles and how our teams operate. To make things simpler for all parties, we have created a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

If you have any other questions that aren’t listed below, please contact our team.

Q. What is the total reach of the power arm?
A. Approximately 4.5 metres from the rear/nearside of the truck.

Q. What amount of spoil can a Vacuum Excavator hold?
A. Our larger vehicles have an 8m3 – 10m3 capacity, whereas the City Suckers has 2m3 capacity and our Tracked Vac has 4.5m3 capacity.

Q. Do we supply extension pipework?
A. Yes, at an additional cost.

Q. What is the daily productivity of a Vacuum Excavator?
A. This is all dependent on the ground conditions, but it is approximately 1.6m to 2.5m3 per hour.

Q. What is the diameter of the suction hose?
A. The suction hose has a 250mm (10”) diameter.

Q. Can the diameter of the suction be reduced?
A. Yes, we can provide a suction nozzle adaptor to reduce to 150mm (6”) if required.

Q. Do you have different sized systems available?
A. With a hire fleet of over 50 vehicles, we have 12t, 16t, 26t and 32t wheeled systems, along 21t tracked unit for those difficult to reach areas.

Q. Are your operatives trained and accredited?
A. All of our operatives are CPCS trained and fully accredited.

Q. How many systems are in your fleet?
A. As of January 2021, we have over 50 Vacuum Excavation vehicles in our hire fleet and we are continually adding as the months progress.

Q. What age is the hire fleet?
A. Over 18 of our vehicles are less than four years old which means we have one of the most modern hire fleets in Europe.

Q. Do you only provide operated hire?
A. As well as operated, we also provide self-drive hire and training for operatives.

Q. Which areas do you cover?
A. We provide our service to the entirety of the United Kingdom and Ireland. More recently, we have branched out into Europe.

Q. How does the system deal with stubborn or compacted material?
A. The assistant would use the airlance provided to displace and remove material. This runs off the onboard compressor on the vehicle.