Vac ex in sensitive areas

Pier UK completed work on three sites in highly sensitive areas last week, proving once again that Vacuum Excavation is the safest, most versatile excavation solution.

Read more about these jobs below:

Site Location:Vacuum Excavation Glasgow Airport



To provide the safe excavation of the area at the end of the main runway, facilitating the installation of new water main by replacing the existing pipe which runs under the runway.

A Vac Ex was a requirement for this job in order to avoid damaging the ALS (automatic landing system) cabling in this area. This cabling, if damaged, would require the shut down of the airport.        

Site Location:      Vacuum Excavation housing estate

Housing Estate


To expose services to new build properties in readiness for occupation. A 20-metre trench was required and the soil was very fine so vacuum excavation proved to be an easy task, saving the site 2.5 days of careful digging and labour time.

The customer had never used a Vac Ex before and was very impressed with its safety, speed and efficiency.


Site location:

Wind Farm
Pier UK sensitive area excavation


To uncover 50 metres of buried HV cables. This heavily forested area was congested with buried utilities which required a safe and efficient excavation method.

Pier UK’s Vac Ex was able to navigate the harsh site conditions, including forest road access and wet ground, making light work of the job. 


Vacuum Excavation Explained:

Vacuum Excavation (or Suction Excavation) provides a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional excavation techniques. High suction powered trucks are used to safely lift away the ground around buried services, with a much lower risk of damage or injury. It is the smartest, safest and fastest method of excavation.

7 steps vacuum excavation

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