SERVICE UPDATE: Pier UK remain devoted to meeting new and existing clients Vacuum Excavation needs. Given the current situation with Covid19, we have taken the necessary precautions as advised by the Government to protect our teams and still have a number of teams available for work. Those who can work from home are doing so. Please enquire as you normally would.

Vacuum Excavation (Vac-Ex)

The smarter excavation solution, with proven on-site safety benefits. Strong suction power safely exposes underground utilities, with vacuum excavators available to hire operated, or self-drive across the UK. And with the UK’s largest fleet, you can be sure of availability.


GPR Surveys

Our Ground Penetrating Radar technology provides detailed surveys of underground cables prior to excavation.



Contractors across the UK have called on our fleet of suction excavators to provide safe excavation support.


Hire a Vacuum Excavator

Get in touch for a no-dig consultation



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