SERVICE UPDATE: Following on from the UK National Lockdown announcement, the PIER (UK) team would like to inform their customers that our office remains open and our teams are still working to provide exceptional Vacuum Excavation service.

Vacuum Excavation (Vac-Ex)

Vacuum Excavation (Vac-Ex)

A smarter excavation solution with proven on-site safety benefits.
The strong suction power safely exposes underground utilities, with Vacuum Excavators available to hire operated, or self-drive across the UK and with the UK's largest fleet, we have plenty of availability.


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Our team of contractors take on a wide range of projects, up and down the UK to provide customers with safe Vacuum Excavation support.


Vacuum Excavator

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Our team enjoy keeping their customers updated with regular blog posts about Vacuum Excavation as well as any on-site visits.


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Vacuum Excavation – Explained by Video

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Pier UK’s Ever-Expanding Fleet ‘tanks’ to the Tracked Vac

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