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7 tips for safe excavation pier uk

7 Tips for Safe Excavation

Safe excavation and groundworks are an integral part of modern construction work…

But with health and safety regulations constantly changing, getting the work completed quickly, efficiently and safely can be a challenge.

Read on to find out our top tips for safe excavation:

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What does a service strike cost?

Service strikes risk delaying project completion, incur additional costs and can have a negative impact of clients and other contractors.

We have taken a look at the possible cost implications of a service strike and investigated the typical cost of alternative excavation methods. The key identified risk factors are:


manchester building boom safer groundworks

Why the Manchester Building Boom Demands Safer Groundworks

With the news that Manchester-based construction projects have sustained their strong growth for yet another year, the Manchester Building Boom looks set to continue.

But what does this mean for the civil engineers and ground workers battling to keep their projects on track, amidst stringent health and safety requirements and in increasingly built-up areas?

According to the Deloitte 2018 Crane Survey, Manchester experienced a 75% increase in office projects and a leap of 60% in residential development last year. This equates to a total of 32 new projects across numerous sectors including residential, office and retail. Not far behind Manchester, were Birmingham and Leeds who saw an introduction of 24 and 16 major construction projects respectively; representing an unprecedented 156% increase for Leeds and a 75% increase for Birmingham from the previous year.

Earth Moving Equipment:

Why Vacuum Excavation is Streets Ahead of the RestEarth Moving Equipment - Peir UK (LTD) Fleet

Over the last few years, practising safe excavation has become an essential part of any civil engineering project.

 Unfortunately, with our roads and pavements becoming increasingly crowded, choosing the right earth moving equipment to ensure safe utility work, is more challenging than ever.

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