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Tracked Vac

Off-Road Excavation:

Everything you need to know about Pier UK’s new Tracked Vac

The words ‘off-road Vacuum Excavation’ are usually met with nightmares about ground protection mats and temporary haul roads. But thanks to Pier UK’s new Tracked Vac, these laborious and sometimes unreliable methods could soon be a thing of the past.

Vacuum Excavation

4 ways Vacuum Excavation could make your life easier

If you have anything to do with Civil Engineering or Utilities you have probably already heard of Vacuum Excavation.

This modern excavation method has been rapidly gaining popularity over the last few years, proving itself to be a viable alternative to manual or mechanical digging. Check out some of the top reasons why people are choosing to employ the use of a Vac Ex…

excavation Safety

Why Excavation Safety is so Important

Ensuring Excavation Safety is an essential part of modern contractor work and the law states that no excavation work should take place until the area is completely safe.

Failing to secure an excavation site properly can have disastrous consequences for workers and management alike, resulting in delays, injury or even death.

One of the main causes of accidents on site is poor preparation. Injury from trench collapse or serious utility strikes could both be avoided with proper planning and through the use of modern ground survey techniques such as GPR (ground penetration radar).

According to the HSE guidelines on preventing accidents in excavation, there are 6 essential steps that must be taken by manager and workers on site before and during excavation work.

Lane Rental Scheme

New Lane rental schemes demand faster excavation techniques

The announcement that Lane rental schemes will be rolled out nationwide brings fresh concerns from contractors about mounting costs.

Lane rental schemes, piloted in London and Kent, are intended to incentivise Utility Companies to avoid working on main roads during peak times.

Although the scheme has proven successful in helping to reduce congestion levels on busy roads, many contractors are unhappy with being charged up to £2500 a day for carrying out roadworks on specific routes.

However, the schemes have achieved overwhelmingly positive feedback from respondents who were pleased with the reduction in congestion and looks set to be rolled out nationwide by the end of 2019.

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