Vacuum Excavation vs. Manual labour- speed and safety on show

Vacuum Excavation is often seen as the safest method of excavation vs. other traditional methods using picks, shovels, diggers etc… The no-dig method provides a lower risk to workers on sites andRead More...
By : Ian Clarke | Aug 27, 2019

A trip to the beach for our Tracked-Vac machine

A recent adventure for our all-terrain Tracked Vac meant a trip to the beach down in Cornwall, however, this was no holiday as a major operation, in conjunction with the Environmental Agency,Read More...
By : Ian Clarke | Jul 18, 2019

Airport expansion work requires a safe excavation solution

As part of an ongoing Airport expansion work, our expertise in vacuum excavation was called in by a new customer recently to provide a safe solution. With new sites and developments takingRead More...
By : Ian Clarke | May 31, 2019

Vacuum Excavation the perfect solution for water meter installations

A real effort in teamwork has been the key to one of our longest ongoing projects, working alongside contractors to help excavate access holes for new water meters. Working in conjunction withRead More...
By : Ian Clarke | May 22, 2019

Pier UK at the beach in Cornwall for Hotel expansions work

On a blustery but beautiful site down in Watergate Bay, Cornwall, our team were put to the test on this challenging site. Whether working on a housing site or in city centres, thisRead More...
By : Ian Clarke | Apr 26, 2019

Vacuum Excavation Round Treeroots for Southampton Local Authority

Vacuum Excavation has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to excavate around buried services quickly and efficiently with much lower risk of strikes or worker injury. But what manyRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jan 24, 2019

Case Study: Tracked Vac

Pier UK’s Tracked Vacuum Excavator provided the best solution for work on this industrial site in Stoke-on-Trent. Unstable ground conditions, worsened by poor weather, meant that traditional vacuum excavators were unsuitable forRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jan 21, 2019

Case Study: Vacuum Excavation Birmingham

Vacuum Excavation has been the method of choice for a number of ongoing projects that are currently taking place in Birmingham. The work is taking place as part of a 10 millionRead More...
By : pieradmin | Nov 30, 2018

Case Study: Built up Area

A Pier UK Vacuum Excavator was used by a well-known water company last week in order to check for hidden services in a built-up area. The job took place in Tamworth whereRead More...
By : pieradmin | Nov 26, 2018

Case Study: Water Treatment Plant

Vacuum Excavation was the best choice for work on this water treatment plant where a job was completed for a well-known Civil Engineering company who were looking for a safe and efficientRead More...
By : pieradmin | Nov 21, 2018

Pier UK Vacuum Excavators make light work of sensitive areas

Pier UK completed work on three sites in highly sensitive areas last week, proving once again that Vacuum Excavation is the safest, most versatile excavation solution. Read more about these jobs below:Read More...
By : pieradmin | Nov 1, 2018

Join us at UK Construction Week 2018!

Pier UK are looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s Construction Week at the NEC, where we can be found on Stand C311 in the Civils Expo area of the event. AboutRead More...
By : pieradmin | Sep 27, 2018
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