Two new Vacuum Excavators (front on)

Vacuum excavation has swiftly become the preferred method for excavation projects across a multitude of industries due to its numerous advantages. This cutting-edge technology is especially valuable in urban environments, where the ground has often been previously disturbed and is well-suited for excavation. By minimising the risk of damage to live services, vacuum excavation helps avoid costly mistakes that could result in millions of pounds in damages.

Safety is a primary concern, as suction excavation greatly reduces the risk of accidental cable strikes and other hazards associated with traditional excavation methods. Efficiency is another major advantage, as suction excavators can clear ground more rapidly than manual excavation techniques, ultimately saving both time and money. In addition, vacuum excavation is more environmentally friendly, as it requires less ground disturbance and produces significantly less airborne dust.

Industries That Use Vacuum Excavation

These benefits have led to the widespread adoption of vacuum excavation across various industries, including but not limited to the ones listed below. If you’re considering whether vacuum excavation is the right solution for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experienced excavation specialists today. They can provide expert advice and guidance tailored to your specific needs and industry requirements.


rail excavation

The excavation process involves both shifting and removing soil and rock from an area where construction is going to take place. There is more to it than this as it can include clearing an area through drilling, grading, and trenching. Each project will involve using heavy machines and equipment such as bulldozers and excavators.

Project:  Railway Bridge Ballast Removal


Our highly skilled operators are stationed throughout the country, working across gas sites and various refineries. In these highly sensitive environments, our vehicles are equipped with specialised machinery and equipment designed specifically for suction excavation safety, ensuring secure and efficient operations in even the most delicate settings.


airport excavation

Suction Excavation is being written into many site preferred excavation techniques as more companies realise the benefits of this service. PIER teams are all au fait with operational requirements, airside driver passed and security cleared. Our experienced staff work across many sites and operate on civilian airports, putting their expertise to use with no boundaries.

Project: Airport Expansion

Project: Heathrow Ground Works



Highway excavations tend to be smaller scale and therefore need fewer materials for replacements and fewer barriers once excavation is finished. In a swift but safe manner, just one machine can excavate, contain and remove all excess materials from the area. This makes suction excavation a very viable option for this type of industry.

Project: Street Work in Renfrewshire

Project: Improving Congestion in Lancashire

Civil Engineering


Civil engineering projects can be quite broad, and PIER can boast a suction excavation fleet to suit all requirements. Our vehicles have the unique capability via the remote nozzles to work at huge depth and considerable distance, which is an added safety advantage for the operator. This is an efficient, safe and thorough choice for civil engineers.

Project: Birmingham Excavation

Sub Stations

UK Substation

Electrical facilities naturally have more sensitive environments within them and need to be treated with extreme care. Suction excavation is perfectly safe to use and has proven to be safer and more productive than traditional methods by reducing risk and producing a better-finished area.

Project: Safer Suction Excavation For A Substation



PIER can offer a reliable suction excavation service across many utility services. This tends to be a preferred option with many as it is the safest method whilst limiting the size of the operation in naturally congested environments. Areas such as construction sites, residential areas, or highways do not need numerous large and bulky machines congregating when one can do the job.

Project: Water Meter Installations

Project: Water Treatment Plant

Project: Cable Relocation in Somerset



No matter what the level of gas pressure you are working around, it is still a dangerous situation for any operative or asset. PIER places safety at the top of its priorities for every job. Suction excavation use, over alternative methods, is the safest way to operate around gas as you do not have to break the ground by digging or using any tools.

Project: Gas Utilities

Project: Supporting a Gas Upgrade

Specialist Material/Unique Projects


PIER is a versatile and adaptable company that adopts a can-do attitude towards any task presented or customer request. Our high-spec equipment is able to extract material from height, depth, and distance making it suitable for a large cross-section of specialist jobs and unique projects be it basements, reservoir slabs, industrial filters, fuel storage tanks, or roof areas.

Project: A Tracked-Vac Trip to the Beach

Project: An Old Culvert

Removal of Wood Bark & Coconut Fibres


Vacuum excavation uses a high-power vacuum suction system to excavate wood bark or coconut fibres. The technique uses a jet of air to loosen bark, rather than heavy machinery or handheld tools.  After loosening, the bark is extracted from the sub-surface through an air vacuum hose, which transports it to an onboard spoil/debris tank for disposal.

Project: Car Park Ground Mesh

The Importance of Choosing the Right Vacuum Excavation Company

When you are choosing a company for your next excavation project, make sure you choose an experienced, professional company such as ourselves. We bring the same level of dedication and commitment to each excavation project that we undertake, ensuring that we maintain the high level of service for which we are renowned. We are accredited with many leading trade bodies and invest in our people to ensure that they are all fully trained, and up-to-date with the latest regulations. Work with a trustworthy, reputable, and reliable company, work with the team at PIER UK.

Need a Vacuum Excavator for Your Next Project?

If your project needs excavation, you have come to the right place. The team at PIER UK are always on hand to help with your next excavation project. Whether you are planning ahead for excavation works on an industrial development site, or need emergency excavation due to a landslip, we are here for you. We have an extensive range of different types of excavation equipment available for both self-hire or with a skilled operator. Whatever your excavation project entails, speak to the helpful and friendly excavation team here at PIER UK today on 01925 228674.


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