Vacuum Excavation Project: Improving Congestion in Lancashire

A Vacuum Excavation project consisted of a busy junction in Lancashire causing daily commuter congestion, plans were drawn up to widen the road in order to ease the congestion.

Scale drawings identified that there were gas lines located where the road would be extended to and so, the PIER (UK) team were called in to provide Vacuum Excavation assistance. Our operator worked with the on-site contractor to unearth the gas lines so that they could be disconnected and relocated under the new pavement – a safe distance away from the new road layout.

The precision, no-dig approach eliminates almost all risk regarding strikes to the service lines. There are up to 60,000 services every year (Clyde & Co) with an average costing of £7,000 per strike (USAG). Vacuum Excavation is not only the safest method, but also the smartest and most economically friendly.

The material was excavated and stored on-site to reuse once the new road infrastructure was completed. The PIER (UK) operator successfully finished the Vacuum Excavation project and it resulted in a very happy customer.

Improving Congestion in Lancashire

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