Vacuum Excavation Specialists

Pier (UK) Limited offer a range of equipment, to assist companies actively involved with maintaining the underground utilities network.

Trusted expertise – it’s in our heritage

We originally set up shop as a civil engineering business back in 2001, so we fully understand your project requirements. Within that time we’ve worked on a number of large developments including extensive motorway improvements, railway bridge repairs and new infrastructure projects.

We first stumbled upon vacuum excavation by using it first hand on a large road network improvement scheme. Seeing the many safety benefits of exposing underground services without digging, we were impressed so purchased one to add to our plant fleet!

Over the years we’ve continued to purchase more and more machines to meet customer demand, eventually ceasing our civil engineering work to focus solely on vacuum excavation hire.


New to vacuum excavation?

How does vacuum excavation work?

Our guide to this no-dig, trenchless technology.