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Suction solves ballast removal problem

When contractors were asked to complete a ballast removal job on an old redundant railway bridge, access proved a big obstacle.
By : pieradmin | Jul 1, 2017

Safe canal bank Excavation the best solution

We were recently chosen as the best solution to ensure a safe canal bank excavation, at a large hospital build site.
By : pieradmin | Jun 26, 2017

Smart excavation solution for ground mesh

Our vacuum excavator was called in to assist with a different kind of smart excavation job in a car park recently.
By : pieradmin | Jun 14, 2017

Vacuum excavator safely exposes unknown high risk cables

Our vacuum excavation equipment proved essential when safe digging techniques unearthed a series of underground cables less than 7 inches from the surface, and not shown on any site plans.
By : pieradmin | Jun 11, 2017

VIDEO: Vacuum supports water works

Vacuum excavator support water works This video short was captured by our operators whilst at work exposing cables on a windy water treatment works. Lines needed to be exposed for maintenance,  soRead More...
By : pieradmin | Jun 6, 2017

Suction provides unrestrictive service excavation

When routine road works in London included creating a deep service excavation to reach underground cables, contractors looked for a safe solution to manage the works. Utility lines were identified deep underRead More...
By : pieradmin | May 18, 2017

Video: vacuum excavation in action

Our Health & Safety Manager recently spent the week down in South Wales and the West Country, checking in with our customers and operators to see our vacuum excavation in action.
By : pieradmin | Apr 3, 2017

No-dig solution supports street’s gas upgrade

When work started on plans to upgrade a suburban street’s gas main connection, contractors needed to draw up a safe system of work. The planned maintenance involved excavating across the front ofRead More...
By : pieradmin | Mar 17, 2017

Gas utilities excavation to find a leak

Our vacuum excavator proved essential for safety on a recent job supporting the local gas network provider. The gas supplier knew they had a leak, but needed to get down to the gas main to locate and repairRead More...
By : pieradmin | Mar 13, 2017

Vacuum the clear choice for culvert excavation

When a client in Cornwall needed to excavate an old culvert that had laid dormant for several years, they needed a quick solution to remove the built up material. Over the yearsRead More...
By : pieradmin | Feb 22, 2017
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