Providing Suction Excavator Solutions for Your Excavation Needs

If you are looking for vacuum excavation experts, then Pier is the right choice for you. We are based in Merseyside but cover the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on providing the UK’s leading vacuum excavation hire service, ensuring your construction project remains on schedule. Our suction excavator solutions are available 7 days a week, on an operated or self-hire basis. With the UK’s largest fleet of over 50 vacuum excavators we have worked on many projects throughout the UK, below are just a few examples:


We are the experts when it comes to providing suction excavator solutions. We ensure we meet your expectations on-site and maintain the highest safety standards. Through our ability to undertake excavation projects of varying sizes, we have the scope to work on your site and meet your specific requirements.

We have a team of qualified and trained experts who can operate suction excavators, follow site plans and ensure they align with your construction requirements. Our vast experience and reputation set us apart and that is the reason why we are recognised UK-wide.


We have used your company for a while now and have never had any trouble. The lads you send us are always good as gold.

The operators are always really polite and the systems spotless

We could use a more local company but choose to use you because you are reliable and provide a good service.

We are very happy with the overall service you have provided.

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If you are looking for professional suction excavators then you have come to the right place. The team at PIER UK works across the UK providing first-class excavation for all manner of projects. Whether you require extensive excavations for a development site or need a collapsed tunnel cleared in an emergency, we can help. Our experienced and helpful team is on hand to discuss your next project with you. Simply call us today on 01925 228674