Vacuum Excavation Project: Round Tree Roots for Southampton Local Authority

The PIER (UK) were asked to partake in a unique Vacuum Excavation project in which non-hazardous soil was required to be moved.

Vacuum Excavation has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to excavate around buried services more quickly and efficiently, with a much lower risk of strikes or on-site worker injury. Vacuum Excavation is suited to an array of complex and delicate applications, especially the ones you may not automatically consider.

An example of this is a January 2019 Vacuum Excavation project that was undertaken by PIER (UK) in Southampton. Our compact Citysucker was used to remove non-hazardous soil from the gardens of local authority homes. Vacuum Excavation was the method of choice for this work as the area was congested with a large number of trees, meaning that the process required careful handling to avoid damaging the delicate tree roots.

The job was successfully completed with no damage to the trees, minimal mess and disruption to the site.

As the industry leaders in Vacuum Excavation, PIER (UK) will listen carefully to their customers’ requirements and provide a solution that is suitable for the Vacuum Excavation project.

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