Vacuum Excavation Project: The Tracked-Vac

PIER (UK)’s Tracked-Vac provided the very best solution for a project on an industrial site located in Stoke-on-Trent. With unstable ground conditions that had been made worse from heavy rain, the traditional Vacuum Excavators weren’t suited for this job due to the risk of the vehicle sinking.

The Tracked-Vac’s unique tracked wheels allows the vehicle to be operated efficiently on almost any terrain, meaning that it was able to excavate the ground ready to the installation of HV cable connections at the new distribution centre.

Vacuum Excavation was chosen for this particular job due to the high-risk nature of the application. The areas around the industrial estate are often congested with hidden cables which, if struck, can cause serious injury to the workers, along with costly service strikes or power outages.

The Vacuum Excavator’s remote-control arm is able to lift the ground away from the buried services, without the need for manual digging. Therefore, this carries a much lower risk of service strikes and as the vehicles only requires 1 person to operate, the risk of worker injury is greatly reduced.

With the same fan design and suction hose diameter as the best-selling Dino 3 System, the Tracked Vac boasts all the quality features of our standard fleet along with bespoke features that make this Excavator a truly innovative addition to the market.

Key Features of the Tracked Vac include:

  • High Manoeuvrability
  • All-Terrain Capacity
  • High-performance Suction power
  • Self-Cleaning Filter System
  • High Capacity in Board Compressor
  • Long-Distance and Deep Excavation Working

As the industry leaders in Vacuum Excavation, PIER (UK) will listen carefully to their customers’ requirements and provide a solution that is suitable for the job at hand.

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