Vacuum Excavation Project: Cable Relocation in Somerset

When better access was urgently required around a busy hospital in Somerset, plans were drawn up to improve the surrounding roads and to ease congestion. The PIER (UK) were thrilled to take part in this particular Vacuum Excavation project as it was a real challenge due to being so close to a busy hospital.

Surveys and technical plans for the footpath identified a number of underground cables which would need relocating to accommodate the new road layout. Furthermore, additional cabling would need to be installed in order to provide a better service for the hospital.

A no-dig Vacuum Excavation approach was taken to reduce the risk of striking live services and with PIER (UK) appointed to undertake the project, our team took the task in their stride with the MTS DINO 3’s strong suction power. The vehicle provided a quick and safe excavation in order to expose the cables ready for their relocation.

With the planned maintenance works being in such close proximity to a busy hospital, our customer recognised that Vacuum Excavation would be the safest solution to quickly expose the underground cables without risking any service strikes. In high profile works like these, it is essential that local services are not disrupted and so, we are happy to support the contractor with a no-dig Vacuum Excavation technique.”
Sean Quinn, Managing Director of PIER (UK).

Cable Relocation in Somerset Exposed cables in Somerset




















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