Using vacuum excavation to clear or move materials brings many benefits. Here at PIER, we offer both a self-drive hire service and a fully managed excavation service, which gives you the benefits of our professional, trained, and dedicated team. All sites present different challenges, but when you work with a reputable and reliable company such as ourselves, you can be confident that we will help optimise all the outcomes for you.

Key Benefits of Hiring Excavation Specialists

Here are some key benefits of using vacuum excavation for your next project.


This is one of the most essential benefits of vacuum excavation. One of the most significant risks to operators during manual excavation is cable strikes, which can be dangerous and even deadly. However, due to how this works, by sucking the earth from around the utilities, it massively reduces the risk associated with excavation.


A vacuum excavator can gently remove the earth around tree roots without damaging their delicate structure. It is an exact tool that can be used in difficult situations where being precise is crucial.

Efficiency and Speed

Vacuum excavation is very powerful, which makes it very quick and efficient. It is far faster than manual excavation methods. It is also very efficient, as it simply draws the materials into the belly of the excavator, from where they can be emptied as needed.


Due to its speed, vacuum excavation is a very cost-effective method. It is cheaper than manual excavation.

Environmental Impact

Vacuum excavation has a far more negligible environmental impact than manual digging. Using a vacuum excavator, you can clear large quantities of soil without disturbing the topsoil. This can be crucial to maintain delicate ecostructures. During manual excavation, dust and particles are thrown into the air, reducing the air quality and potentially impacting local waterways. The vacuum excavator sucks the dust inside itself, reducing the potential impact on the local environment.


Vacuum excavators can be used anywhere. From small city sites where access and space are limited, we can use our City Sucker, which is designed for such locations, to our Tracked Vac, which can go to places where wheeled vehicles may not be able to access.

Compliance with Regulations

It promotes good practice and helps comply with regulations. Many sites now require trees to be relocated rather than chopped down as part of the planning regulations, and a vacuum excavator is vital to enable this. Air quality and site safety are also crucial, and choosing the vacuum method of excavation will help you meet these standards.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Vacuum Excavator Company

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Vacuum Excavator Company

If you are looking at vacuum excavation companies, always check that you choose a reputable, professional, and reliable company like ours. We are insured and accredited by several professional bodies, such as Safe Contractor and Constructionline. Always make sure that the contractors that you choose are certified and experienced. Consider the type of project that you are running. If you are planning, will your chosen contractor be flexible around dates and timings while you finalise the project? In an emergency, will the contractor have the resources and capacity to respond quickly? If you bring an external contractor onto the site, will they fit in with your team, work with your project manager, and follow your process? At PIER, we do all of these things and are here to work with you on your project.

Choose PIER For Your Excavation Project

We have been in civil engineering since 2001. Since 2012, we have exclusively offered vacuum excavation services to our customers. We are so impressed by the many benefits that it brings. When you work with us, you can be confident that we will provide you with a reliable, professional and dedicated service, no matter the size or scale of your project. We operate across the UK and have invested in our fleet so that we can deal with emergencies as well as scheduled projects. To discuss your excavation project, simply call the team today on 01925 228 674


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