Excavation is the removal of earth or other debris. Suction excavation, also known as vacuum excavation, refers to the suction power used to extract earth or other materials. It is a popular method renowned for its safe, quick, and cost-effective properties.

How Does Suction Excavation Work?

Suction excavation does precisely what it says. It harnesses the power of suction to excavate earth or other materials without manual digging. This method is unique because it can gently extract earth from around tree roots without damaging them or remove debris from around cables without harming the operator. Furthermore, it benefits the environment, as large areas of the earth can be excavated without damaging or breaking open the topsoil. The suction excavator is comprised of a long hose through which the world or material is drawn into the belly of the excavator. This material can then be moved to another area, whether it is a waste product or needs to be built up in another location on your site.

What is a Suction Excavator in Construction?

Construction projects rely on excellent groundwork. With good foundations, buildings will be stable and safe. Groundworks must be carried out at the scheduled time to prevent complex projects from being held up by waiting on groundworks. If you manage a project, you will understand the need for reliable groundwork to be carried out on time and on budget to ensure that the following steps can be fulfilled. Using suction excavation for your project gives you a safe and reliable service to ensure your project remains on track.

What is it Used For?

Suction excavation is used to safely and efficiently clear earth or other materials from a site. It is widely chosen for its many benefits. Traditionally, manual excavation was used to move earth, but this had issues. One of the key drawbacks to manual excavation is the risk of cable strikes. Cable strikes can be dangerous or even deadly to the operator, representing a sizeable risk when excavating. Suction excavation mitigates this risk, leading to safer working practices and a more protected workforce.

Why Use Suction Excavation?

Suction excavation is safer as it reduces the risk of cable strikes. It is a gentle excavation method and can be used to carefully remove earth from around tree roots so trees can be relocated to other site areas, which is often a planning requirement. It can clear large areas of the world without disturbing the topsoil, which can help prevent local flora and fauna damage. The suction method of extraction prevents dust and debris from being released into the atmosphere. This benefits the workforce by keeping the air cleaner and the local environment, for example, by preventing dust from polluting waterways. Suction excavation is a quick and efficient method to move large materials. This speed helps keep a project on schedule and has positive financial implications. Considering the many benefits of suction excavation, it is easy to see why it is the preferred choice.

Hire Suction Excavation Services with PIER

If you are looking for suction excavation, you have come to the right place. PIER offers suction excavation services across the UK. Whether you are looking for a self-drive hire so that your workforce can carry out the work or a complete suction excavation service using our experienced and professional team, we can help. We have an extensive range of suction excavators suitable for different conditions. Our City Sucker is designed for small sites where access may be restricted, and there may be little room to manoeuvre. Our Tracked Vac is designed to be used in areas where wheeled vehicles may be unable to access. Our team is always on hand to discuss the best type of suction excavator for your project. Simply call us today to discuss your requirements on 01925 228 674


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