Pier (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of the purchase of Vacuum Excavation Southwest Limited from Marcus Wilcox. The company will become a trading division of Pier (UK) Ltd.

Following the acquisition, we have been quick to invest further in the company and have received the first two vacuum excavators carrying the new Vacuum Excavation Southwest branded group livery from MTS UK (pictured) and there are plans already in place for many more to follow.

Vacuum Excavation Southwest two new vacuum excavators (side on)

Vacuum Excavation Southwest two new vacuum excavators (front on)

The two new systems will add to the already large existing fleet that Pier (UK) already have operating from our new Exeter premises.

Vacuum Excavation Southwest Limited

Sean Quinn, Joint Managing Director of Pier (UK) Ltd, said, “We became the largest operator of vacuum excavation systems in Europe back in 2015, and we are aiming to maintain this status for many years to come. We are now in our fourteenth year of providing vacuum excavation services to over three hundred customers and continue to regularly add to this customer base.”

Sean continued, “I am sure Marcus will be proud to see the company name he created (now under the Pier (UK) Ltd logo) passing him on the roads in the Southwest on a daily basis.”


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