Think you may need Vacuum Excavation hire in Leicester?

With the largest vacuum excavation fleet across the UK, we have hire availability in Leicester and across Leicestershire to support all your excavation needs.

Vacuum Exavation Hire in Bristol

Our vacuum excavation hiring service is easy and simple, we offer either an operated or self-drive hire, for a time period that suits you.

If you choose our operated service then an trained operator will be on hand to assist you with excavations, reducing the amount of time spent your team spend on the project. this benefits you as this will increase the daily output.

At Pier (UK) we make it our mission to give the customer the best possible service and we are pleased to be able to offer customers contracts what are flexible and designed to meet the customers needs. We have different contracts, including flexible day to day hire, month long contracts or even a year long contract. We believe that level of service makes us the best for providing vacuum excavation hire in Leicester.

What is vacuum excavation?

Our vacuum excavators use strong suction power to remove ground. This technique means no ‘digging’ takes place, which may have struck underground services and caused service strikes. With suction excavation ground is gently pulled away with air suction, with excavated material stored inside the vacuum excavator. Because the vacuum excavation technique does not dig or mechanically excavate, it is safe to use around live services, reducing the risk of service outages and personal injury.

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