When it comes to undertaking a safe utilities’ excavation, it is essential that the on-site contractors are aware of the health and safety risks.

The information that you are about to view is commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive (June 2016) and identifies 3 basic considerations when working near buried assets:

  1. Plan
  2. Locate
  3. Safely Excavate

Safe Utilities Excavation

The HSG47 Guidance carefully considers risks to both the on-site environment and colleagues working on the project. This, in turn, can have positive effects on reducing the risk of damaging any service lines with smarter excavation techniques diminishing the likelihood of service strikes.

Through planning and consideration before breaking the ground, together with a comprehensive knowledge of where services lie is key to avoiding potential health and safety conflicts.

Details ground plans can be obtained from the local utilities’ maintenance companies, although a Ground Penetrating Radar survey is advised if the plans are several years old.

Once all the service lines have been identified, a no-dig solution such as Suction Excavation can safely excavate along with buried assets, reducing the risk of damage and personal injury.

Source; Health and Safety Executive. HSG47 “Avoiding Danger from Underground Services.”

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