When it comes to exposing underground cables on construction sites, Vacuum Excavation can provide a safer excavation solution due to its advanced technology.

These simply 7 steps work together to provide enough strong suction power to vacuum up the ground material, allowing precision digging without the need to manually dig.

What are the 7 steps of Safer Excavation?
  1. The air and material enter the hose.
  2. The air and material travels into a large tank and the heavy materials fall out of stream.
  3. The air and material travels to the fines tank. The fine materials fall out of the stream and the air passes through 42 polymer filters.
  4. The air travels across the top of the tank to the fans.
  5. The air goes through the fans.
  6. The air passes through silencers and vents to the outside.
  7. The material collected is tipped out to reuse or dispose of.

Vacuum Excavation